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I’m a believer by day, a believer by night, and this is my blog. What does it mean to be a believer? It means I believe the message of the Bible. What is the message of the Bible? God created me to know him, to love him, to walk with him and to be like him. But I was separated from God in Adam and I died spiritually. That is why all humans die physically. As long as I draw my life from the first Adam, I live a lifestyle of separation from God causing me to continually be separated from God. This is the manifestation of death.

But death was never a part of God’s original plan. Death is an enemy of God and man. God made a promise to all mankind in Genesis 3:15 fo send a savior who would conquer death for us. God so loved me that He sent His only son Jesus from Heaven to Earth to bring me back to God. Through the Operation of God upon the cross, Jesus became “the last Adam.” We teach about God’s Operation in our book, “Secret of Eternity.” When I believed in Jesus I was born again of the Spirit of Christ, and God reconciled me unto Himself. I came to know God as my very own Father through Christ in me. As God’s very own child, I now draw my life from Jesus who has prepared a place for me in Heaven. Now, I can know God as my Heavenly Father, share in His divine nature and walk in God’s presence forever.

As I live on planet Earth, my believing the Bible doesn’t make me perfect but it empowers me to trust in a perfect God. I believe God is my Heavenly Father and that he is with me always, arranging things for me, scheduling my events, intervening in my affairs, orchestrating my situations in a way which only God can do. I, in my own strength, cannot do much for anyone, but all things are possible with God. I am learning as I walk with God and trust in him for provision, for wisdom, for victory in life, God always comes through and shows up just in time because he is a real Father. Jesus called Him “the Heavenly Father.” When I allow God to supervise my life, instructing me, correcting me and guiding me, I get to watch God at work. He makes me a “GlorytoGodwoman,” fruitful in all areas of life and in helping others glorify God.  It is more simple than we think.

God enjoys our company, just like we enjoy a friend’s company. God likes to show off for us and when we see the things He does for us in our lives, we experience “joy unspeakable, full of glory. As you read my articles, your eyes will open to look at the things which are not seen. So, get something pleasant to drink, and let’s take a journey together.

Bonnie Moore

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