Hello Ladies

and “Glory to God Women”

Do you just want to “Exist” or do you want to “Have Some Fun, Face Some Truth” and truly LIVE?

I’m just an ordinary honest person who cares about your soul. You are going to die one day and you will enter eternity forever. I want you to be ready for that day. My blog isn’t anything fancy with pictures of beautiful humans, or links to other places where you can spend a bunch of money. It’s an ordinary blog of ordinary issues for ordinary people who understand they have work to do in their hearts.  Here you can face some issues, examine your heart and discover your true motives.  I won’t cover things up. I won’t ask you to like me and promise you a blessing if you give me your money. I will present issues as a good Minister of Jesus Christ. I will challenge you and trust God to deal with your heart and mine so we can root out the junk together that has been there contaminating our lives for too long. God wants to put clean, beautiful, loving attitudes into our hearts that will be helpful to many who live in a broken world.

Hopefully this blog can be used as a means of communication with ladies who need some Biblical encouragement and Spiritual enrichment. As you read my posts please make comments about the real issues that you are experiencing out there in the world. I would like to know what you’re going through and how my posts have challenged and helped you. Just email me and I will respond.


Bonnie Moore

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