Faith Is Not A Blank Check

One of my favorite Bible teachers says that, “Faith is like a blank check.” The blank check of faith is there for you fill in your need or desire and use it. I respect that and I respect him, but I would rather think of faith being more like a cashier’s check than a blank regular check.

A cashier’s check is written for a specific amount and for a specific purpose. It is a one-time authorized payment for a one-time need. If faith were a blank check to fill in whatever we wanted, why would we then have to seek God and coordinate with His will. Once we hear and get the OK of faith, we can’t go and use it for something else. We can only use the faith God give us for what is approved and intended.

Faith is issue specific and time specific. Faith is God’s specific promise coming alive in our heart for a specific desire. Faith, the Bible says, comes by hearing, so we cannot hear ‘healing’ and then go out and expect to receive financial blessing. The words of God are supernatural seeds. As seeds are specific, so the promises of God are specific, and the resulting faith is specific – as specific as a cashier’s check.

My Response

This article is reproduced here with my touches so that we can know that even to get a loan from a bank, it is for a specific purpose and we have to keep our word as to what we use the funds for.  God is very good  at handling the business of Heaven at least as well as we do here on Earth.  So I want to commend this article to show us all that the more specific we get with our request, then God can judge the request on its merits and if it lines up with His purposes, before He gives the request the “green light”.

You know, we do the same thing with our kids.  They ask us to go somewhere, let’s say a concert on a school night and it’s over at 9pm.  This may be good if the child is at least in junior high school and up, and nothing else important is going on.  But let’s just change the time of the concert to ending at midnight on a school night.  Probably most of us would give it the “red light”.  It just isn’t wisdom.

Let’s not be so Heavenly minded that we cannot understand God’s dealings with us as His children are very similar to our dealings with our children.

I hope this puts some perspective on why some prayers get answered and some don’t seem to get answered since there wasn’t enough information, or the information negated the wisdom of answering in the affirmative; as in the case “a late night concert on a school night”  will just get a big “No.”

But without Faith, it is impossible to please God; for he that comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him. Hebrews 11:6

Let’s be daring today and all year. Let’s believe God for BIG THINGS, He loves to go for the Gold (just like we do).  There were many people in West Berlin and East Berlin, Germany from 1961 to 1989 that separated who prayed for the Berlin Wall to come down.  This Wall symbolized the boundary between democracy and Communism during the Cold War.  God is so amazing that yes He loves to answer our prayers no matter how big and impossible.

But a prayer to marry someone else’s husband is not even worth praying because it is against the will of God and the will of the married couple.

So don’t get too bogged down in a couple of unanswered prayers, just Go-For-It!  And see what God will do…

My personal recent example:  A few days ago, my friend is a car salesman who was tied up taking tests for certification for 4 days and was unable to have customers in which to make a sale and have a paycheck.  So I prayed that God would give him a quick and easy customer that would produce a car sale that would earn $400 for the support of his family for this week of working for free.  Sure enough, God answered that 1pm prayer by 7:30pm that same night.

It was a sudden customer who just knew exactly what car they wanted and came in to buy it. Wow– Thank you God for doing what we could not do for ourselves.  God really does love us and loves to show Himself strong on our behalf just because we love Him.

What A Mighty God we serve!