Beware “The Pharaoh”

One of most wicked things that humans can do is take control of other people’s lives, and make them your slaves.  It is the “Pharaoh Mentality”.  In the Bible, Pharaoh took control of God’s people so that they could no longer serve their God for over 400 years.  Pharaoh is the devil with a face-mask on.  Pharaoh brings forced labor on you against your own will and soon to bring you into slavery to its own system.

There is a Pharaoh system being implemented in America right now.  It wants to take control of all the decisions regarding your health.  So as not to get entangled in that situation, it is also being implemented so that they can control your money directly through taking insurance premiums straight from your checking account, which will also entitle them to have their hand in your money so that the government can operate much more efficiently through your pocketbooks.  This direct access is their way of getting your co-pays FAST for surgeries that they approve and your taxes due especially if you die—I wouldn’t be surprised if your 40% death tax was automatically taken out of your checking account before your body is in the grave.  Believe me, this new so-called benefit is only for THEIR benefit.  That is how the “pharaoh-system” works.

I have personal experience with the “Pharaoh system”.  Some people I know will actually try to take full control of your life by dumping their responsibilities on you.

And soon, without your permission, you have been taken captive by a “Pharaoh” that does not have your best interests at heart.  They want you to be brought into bondage to what they have decided for your LIFE.

In God’s economy, that is what we call “lording it over you”.

I was born in America, and I definitely have a sense of freedom and know when my freedoms are being violated.  Pharaoh’s basic mentality is to destroy your freedoms and serve me.  They are very selfish, self-centered, and are not afraid to violate anybody they come in contact with.  And their true statement of heart is “I do not know this “God” you speak of”.  And then they make your life more miserable when you try to make your escape to serve the true God with your life, because they will lose your service.

Read Exodus Chapters 1 – 13.

To bring something into the light, you must be willing to take a look at your own life and determine who the “Pharaohs” are that you are currently allowing to run “your Life” which God gave you and you will answer to God, Himself, for what you did with it.  God has put a gift within each “born again” person to be a blessing in this world.  The “Pharaohs” do not want you free to do your god-given call (job).

Being nice to a Pharaoh is never the answer to get your freedom.  Pharaoh’s are not interested in your freedom, only in your service to their kingdom, or household.

This is still AMERICA, so take a stand and demand your freedom from all the Pharaoh’s trying to run your entire Life.